Home Monitoring Using Personal Biometric Devices

Care Coordination

eBrightHealth ACO Waiver Protection Form

Program Name:               
Care Coordination Home Monitoring Using Personal Biometric Devices

Type of Waiver Utilized:
ACO Beneficiary Inducement Waiver

All Parties Involved:      
Christiana Care Quality Partners ACO, LLC d/b/a eBrightHealth ACO

eBrightHealth ACO Beneficiaries attributed to Christiana Care Node with a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure

Christiana Care Health System Carelink CareNow

Date Program will begin:
May 1, 2018

Description of Arrangement:
eBrightHealth ACO contracts with an inter-professional care coordination team referred to as Carelink CareNow. The focus of this group is to assist patients to receive the right care in the right place at the right time, and to optimize disease management in patients with chronic diseases.

This care coordination team is introducing the use of personal biometric devices [Wi-Fi enabled weighing scales and blood pressure cuffs] by the members that it serves. This will allow:

  • Promotion of patient self-engagement in chronic disease management
  • Objective measurements of blood pressure or weight in the home setting
  • Timely responses to alerts of impending worsening of chronic diseases

Purpose of Arrangement:
The purpose of this arrangement is to promote patient self-engagement in chronic disease management, as well as early recognition of impending worsening of chronic diseases, thus allowing the care coordination team to engage with the patient’s care delivery team to escalate clinical care.  Examples would include detecting an elevated blood pressure through remote monitoring, and then outreaching to both patient and his/her physician to devise an appropriate clinical intervention to improve disease management or avert a clinical crisis.

Items, services, facilities or goods covered by the arrangement:
After informed consent, eligible patients will be given a set of biometric devices [e.g. blood pressure cuff, weighing scale] and a Wi-Fi router for use at no cost to patients. The cost of the Wi-Fi router and cellular data transmission will be borne by the care coordination team.

Date and manner of the Governing Body’s Authorization:
Approved by the Board of Managers on 05/17/2018