iPads in Practice

CCQP ACO Waiver Protection Form

Program Name:               
iPads in Practice

Type of Waiver Utilized:
ACO Participation Waiver

All Parties Involved:      
Christiana Care Quality Partners ACO participants

Anticipated Program Start Date:
July 1, 2016

Description and Purpose of Arrangement: ChristianaCare  employs an inter-professional care coordination team referred to as CareVio.  This group includes RN Care Coordinators, Pharmacists, Social Workers and Medical Directors.  The focus of this group is to assist patients to receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

To augment communication between CareVio, CCQP ACO participating practices and any Medicare beneficiaries who may be in the practice, iPads will be distributed to each of the participating practices.  This method of communication could be used to provide a number of care coordination services, including but not limited to:

  • Introductions to the Care Managers, Social Workers and/or Pharmacists
  • Patient Education
  • Medication Reviews
  • Social Assessments
  • The purpose of this arrangement is to provide practice staff with another means of contacting CareVio through instant messaging. It also provides practice staff, beneficiaries and CareVio staff to see one another, creating a virtual face-to-face experience.

Items, services, facilities or goods covered by the arrangement:

iPad (Enabled with cellular service where wireless internet is insufficient)

Cart for mounting of iPad

CCQP ACO will enter into a written Agreement with each Participating practice that receives an iPad to document the arrangement and to prohibit the Participants from using the iPad for any purpose other than providing care coordination services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Date and manner of the Governing Body’s Authorization:

Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was resolved to approve this waiver request during the 6/8/2016 Board Meeting.