Are Your Medications Affordable?

Skipping a dose — even once in a while — is not a good idea!

It’s very important to take all medicines exactly as prescribed. If the cost keeps you from filling your prescriptions, let your health care team know. There may be other medicines that work just as well, or discount plans that can help!

  • Most insurance plans offer lower co-pays or savings for 90-day supplies orwhen you use a mail-order or preferred pharmacy.
  • Drug companies often offer free trials or coupons for new prescriptions.Check their website or ask your health care team or pharmacist.
  • Online services like GoodRx® may help you find a lower price for genericand brand name drugs.
  • The nonprofit pharmacy may be an option depending onyour income level.
  • Extra help with Part D may be available through a federal program to lowerprescription insurance costs.
  • Many pharmacists will offer a free review.

Talk to your health care team or pharmacist today!