Beneficiary Resources

Choosing Your Primary Care Provider

Once you’re registered on, you can select your primary clinician. Your primary clinician may be best able to help you make health care decisions, which can improve how you manage your health care.


CareVio is a network of clinical experts — nurses, care coordinators, pharmacists, social workers, respiratory therapists working with a medical director — working together with your Primary Care Team to help coordinate all of your health care needs.

Be Well. Stay Well. At Home! Newsletter

This newsletter is from your Primary Care Team and all partners that make up eBrightHealth ACO. Be sure to stay in touch with your Primary Care Team throughout the year to help you Be Well. Stay Well.

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man and woman with healthy food

Healthy Recipes & Food Tips

Nutrition plays an important role in your overall health. Here you can find healthy recipes and food tips to help nourish your body.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning lets others know your values and beliefs about the care you would want for a serious illness or injury. It helps you think about and document what your choices would be, and who you want to speak for you if you can no longer speak for yourself.

  • Advanced Directives are documents that allow you to spell out your wishes for treatment should you become physically or mentally unable to communicate with your care team. If you do not already have these documents in place, start the process to create or update them today.
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  • Advance Care Planning Checklist help you start the conversation about your health care wishes today!
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Basics of Value-Based Care

Medicare and Medicaid run pilot programs also called models, to help doctors and other health care providers deliver high quality care. These programs improve health care and the patient experience, for example, by making sure doctors talk to each other and coordinate around a patient’s care, and focus on the patient and see them as a whole person. These programs are often referred to as value-based care.

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Wellness Resources

Explore and unlock various tips, checklists, and tools to help you Be Well. Stay Well.

Annual Wellness Visit

Your Annual Wellness is a time for you and your Primary Care Team to discuss your medications, ways to reduce your risk of getting sick or injured and plan how you can stay well.

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Are Your Medications Affordable?

It’s very important to take all medicines exactly as prescribed. If the cost keeps you from filling your prescriptions, let your health care team know. There may be other medicines that work just as well, or discount plans that can help.

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Strategies to Help Manage Medication Side Effects

Medicine can be a lifesaver when taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor/clinician. But as we get older, our bodies process medications differently. For many seniors, especially those who take multiple medications, managing side effects can be a definite challenge.

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My List of Medications

This medication chart is a great tool to help you keep track of everything you are taking, including prescriptions, vitamins, pain relievers and more. Fill it out completely and bring it to all medical visits to keep your health care team up-to-date on everything you are taking.

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My Health Checklist

Need to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit or talk with your Primary Care Team about which screenings and vaccines are right for you? Use this list to help you Be Well. Stay Well.

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My Blood Pressure Journal

Taking your blood pressure regularly helps give your Primary Care Team a clearer picture of your risk for heart disease and stroke. Use this journal to write down your numbers and share it with your health care team at all medical visits.

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Living with COPD, Heart Failure or Diabetes?

Talk to your Primary Care Team about how these stoplight tools may help you stay on track!