Care Coordinators help keep care plans on track

If you’re trying to juggle the many moving pieces of your own care plan, or if you are helping a spouse, relative or neighbor manage a chronic condition or recover from injury or illness, a Care Coordinator just may turn out to be your new best friend.

Care Coordinators are important members of your Primary Care Team. From scheduling
follow-up visits, to answering questions about medication side effects, to connecting you
with community services to help you stick with your care plan, Care Coordinators partner
with your doctor/clinician to help you organize every step of your care plan. They keep
your entire care team—including specialists, community providers, and hospital, home
care and skilled nursing staff—up-to-date about your health. Most importantly, they take
the time to make sure that you really understand your condition(s) and care plan, and
guide you through steps you can do at home to Be Well. Stay Well.