Helping you stay on top of it all

Having trouble finding a specialist or scheduling a follow-up visit with one of your doctors/clinicians? Your Care Coordinator can help! Have a question about one of your prescription medications? Ask your Care Coordinator! Expecting imaging or lab results and want to make sure reports get to each doctor/clinician involved in your care? You guessed it … your Care Coordinator can help with that, too!

A Care Coordinator, usually a registered nurse or licensed social worker, partners with you and your health care team to help organize every aspect of your care plan, especially if you are being treated for one or more chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, COPD, diabetes or high blood pressure.

You may also hear from your Care Coordinator when it’s time to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit or recommended screenings, such as a colonoscopy or mammogram, or if your doctor/clinician wants to tweak your care plan a bit because of changes in your blood pressure, A1-C level or weight.

There is no cost to you to work with a Care Coordinator. But there sure are lots of benefits!

Ready to start thinking about Advance Care Planning, or need information about palliative care, hospice, assisted living options or getting more help in the home? Your Care Coordinator can connect you with resources to help.

5 ways a Care Coordinator can help you stay on your game

  1. You have questions about a new medication.
  2. You need help understanding a test result.
  3. You need help scheduling a visit with a specialist or a follow-up appointment.
  4. You’ve noticed changes in your appetite, energy level or sleep patterns.
  5. You’re going through changes at home, such as illness of a spouse or financial worries.